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Understanding Posstore Tracking Delivery Rates For Fast and Reliable Services


Welcome to Posstore Tracking Delivery Rates, a world of convenience and effectiveness that will transform the way you shop online. Posstore is committed to transforming package tracking, providing real-time updates, and ensuring smooth delivery. Embrace a new era of trained and stress-free purchasing by bidding uncertainty farewell. In this thorough manual, we explore every aspect of our smart tracking system, emphasize its advantages, and show our dedication to client satisfaction.

Posstore Tracking: Unraveling the Magic

Real-Time Updates for Peace of Mind

Our modern tracking technology provides you with real-time information, so you can be updated at every stage of the procedure for your delivery. You can now monitor your package from when it leaves our warehouse until it arrives at your door, so there’s no more waiting in the dark. Keep track of the location, estimated delivery date, and potential delays to ensure you are always informed.

Unique Tracking Codes

You are given a unique tracking number after placing an order with us associated with your package. You have unique access to comprehensive information about the whereabouts of your shipment using this personalized code. You can relax knowing your package won’t get lost in the sea of deliveries.

Mobile App Convenience

To track your packages on the go, use our simple smartphone app. Through Posstore Tracking App, you can have a smooth tracking experience and get push notifications and updates on your smartphone. With our user-focused, simple design, you’ll never miss a beat.

The Advantages of Posstore Tracking Delivery Rates

Effortless Planning

Planning your day around the anticipated arrival of your item is made simple with real-time updates. Posstore ensures you are always in control, whether you must be home to receive your delivery or prefer staying informed.

Instant Problem Resolution

Our real-time tracking system makes it possible to quickly address any problems or delays with your item, which happen infrequently. Our committed customer service team is available 24/7 to answer any questions and ensure your delivery arrives quickly and safely.

Transparency Focused on Customers

Posstore tracking delivery rates are built on a foundation of honesty. Giving our customers complete access to the delivery process will help to build their trust and confidence in us. Posstore’s dedication to customer care motivates us to provide a service that goes above and beyond expectations.

Options for Posstore Delivery: Customized to Your Needs
Standard Delivery

Here are some details on Posstore Malaysia’s standard delivery rates:

  • Peninsular Malaysia: RM10 for 500 grams, RM0.50 for each 50 grams.
  • East Malaysia: RM15 for 500 grams, RM0.75 for each 50 grams.
  • International: Destination country affects rates.

Posstore Malaysia offers Posstore regular shipping, which is the cheapest and most basic. Small parcels without urgent delivery are suitable. Posstore normal delivery takes 3-5 days in Peninsular Malaysia and 5-7 days in East Malaysia. Delivery times vary by country for international deliveries.

Here are some Posstore regular delivery benefits:

  • The cheapest shipping option is from Posstore Malaysia. Suitable for modest items without urgent delivery. Delivery takes 3-5 days in Peninsular Malaysia and 5-7 days in East Malaysia.

Here are several Posstore regular shipping drawbacks:

  • Posstore Malaysia does not offer it as the fastest delivery option. Delivery times may be longer for international orders.

Hence, Posstore regular delivery is a fantastic choice for economical, reliable delivery of small parcels that are not urgent.

Additional information on Posstore basic delivery:

  • The service is accessible Monday through Friday, 9 am-5 pm.
  • Orders must be placed before 12 p.m. for regular delivery.
  • The distribution area is restricted to Peninsular and East Malaysia.
  • Posstore regular delivery has a weight limit of 10 kg.
  • Standard delivery does not accept bulky or heavy parcels.

Express Delivery

Do you require a quicker delivery? If you choose our express shipping option, your shipment will arrive at your door in only a few business days. Ideal for orders with a tight deadline. Posstore Malaysia offers famous Posstore express delivery. This is ideal for goods delivered promptly in Peninsular or East Malaysia.

Peninsular Malaysia: RM22 for 500 grams, RM1.25 for 50 grams.
East Malaysia: RM27 for 500 grams, RM1.50 for 50 grams.
International: Destination country affects rates.

Here are some Posstore express delivery benefits:

  • Posstore Malaysia offers rapid and reliable delivery.
  • Suitable for tiny parcels that need fast delivery.
  • Delivery takes 2-3 days in Peninsular Malaysia and 3-5 days in East Malaysia

Here are further Posstore express delivery details:

The service is from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. Orders must be placed before 12 p.m. for express delivery.

Same-Day Delivery

Here are some details and rates on Posstore Malaysia same-day delivery rates:

Posstore same-day delivery is a premium delivery option offered by Posstore Malaysia. It is suitable for small parcels that must be delivered urgently within Peninsular Malaysia or East Malaysia.

The delivery time for Posstore same-day delivery is typically 4 hours within Peninsular Malaysia and 6 hours within East Malaysia.

  • Within Peninsular Malaysia: RM18 for the first 500 grams and RM1.00 for every additional 50 grams.
  • Within East Malaysia: RM23 for the first 500 grams and RM1.25 for every additional 50 grams.

Here are some of the benefits of using Posstore same-day delivery:

  • Posstore Malaysia offers it as the quickest delivery option.
  • It is suitable for small parcels that need to be delivered urgently.
  • The delivery time is typically 4 hours within Peninsular Malaysia, and 6 hours within East Malaysia.

Here are some of the drawbacks of using Posstore same-day delivery:

  • It is the most expensive delivery option that Posstore Malaysia offers.
  • The delivery area is limited to Peninsular Malaysia and East Malaysia.

Overall, Posstore same-day delivery is a good option for those looking for a fast and reliable delivery service for small parcels that need to be delivered urgently within Peninsular Malaysia or East Malaysia.

Here are some additional details about Posstore same-day delivery:

  • The service is available from Monday to Friday, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • Orders must be placed before 11 a.m. to qualify for same-day delivery.
  • There is a weight limit of 5 kilograms for Posstore same-day delivery.

Posstore Tracking Delivery Rates Within Malaysia

Within Peninsular Malaysia, Sabah, and Sarawak, low-cost courier services are available. Customers may easily find stores that send things. It offers complimentary pickup, wrapping, and courier containers. Posstore tracking delivery rates are as follows:

Weight (kg)Same CityPeninsularSabahSarawak
Package Delivery Rates

2. Shipping Inventory to East Malaysia

Posstore serves East Malaysia with air and coastal goods. Quick, safe, and affordable transactions are the main cause for the rapid advancement. It also protects products with default insurance.

The package will arrive 5–7 days after Airline sends it. Second, sea shipping takes 30 days. However, unexpected barriers may delay transport. However, the team strives to meet deadlines.

A 6% sales and services tax is added to the package price. The company’s management can also change prices. Also, the rates stated are for reference only; if you need help, contact Posstore.

Weight (kg)Posstore
(by Air)
(by Sea)

3. Shipping Inventory to West Malaysia

Posstore is a trustworthy company that provides straightforward services, and they can assist in ensuring that your packages are delivered to their destination as quickly as possible.

For instance, sending fresh live fish, frozen food, or fresh fruit won’t provide you with any challenges. As a consequence of this, you must guarantee that these items are packaged in suitable polyfoam casings. In addition, your shipment might be delivered to the recipient’s location on the second business day if you choose this option.

Weight (kg)PosstorePosstore

Posstore Tracking Delivery Rates for Overseas Shipments

Posstore offers a variety of rates for overseas shipments, depending on the destination country, the weight of the parcel, and the delivery speed.

Posstore also offers add-on services for overseas shipments, such as insurance, tracking, and signature confirmation.

Here are some examples of Posstore’s add-on services for overseas shipments:

  • Insurance: Posstore offers insurance for overseas shipments up to RM10,000.
  • Tracking: Posstore offers tracking for overseas shipments for an additional RM5.
  • Signature confirmation: Posstore offers signature confirmation for overseas shipments for an additional RM10.

To learn more about Posstore delivery rates and services for overseas shipments, visit their website or contact their customer service department.

Here are some additional tips for shipping parcels overseas with Posstore:

  • Pack your parcel carefully to avoid damage during transit.
  • Use a sturdy box or envelope that is appropriate for your parcel.
  • Fill the voids in your parcel with packing material to prevent the contents from shifting.
  • Label your parcel clearly with the recipient’s address and your contact information.
  • Attach a customs declaration form to your parcel.
  • Pay any applicable customs duties and taxes before shipping your parcel.

By following these tips, you can help ensure your parcels arrive safely and on time at their destination.

1. Deliveries from the Posstore to Thailand

Use Posstore Courier Tracking Malaysia to have your package delivered to Thailand. To a growing number of nations, Posstore now offers worldwide shipping.

The organization has been successful because of its commitment to providing valuable services at reasonable prices. It also facilitates package delivery throughout Thailand. Here is a chart showing delivery rates.

Weight (kg)Price (RM)

2. Deliveries from the Posstore to Singapore

Are you seeking a cheaper courier service to transfer a parcel from Malaysia to Singapore? Do customs refuse items, charge exorbitant hidden fees, or charge excessive delivery fees? You are indeed in the ideal place.

Posstore express monitoring charges RM38 for 1-kg deliveries. Additionally, it picks up packages. Therefore, the dispatch terms and conditions applied. Finally, it can help with transport concerns rain or shine.

3. Deliveries from Brunei to East Malaysian Posstores

Posstore currently provides its services in Brunei. Thanks to recent advancements, shipping packages in East Malaysia is now easy. And can astound their loved ones no matter where they are in Brunei.

Regardless, the weight will be determined by the larger of the actual weight or the volumetric weight (VM). This technique can also be used to determine a weight estimate or to measure it.

Weight (kg)Price (RM)
00.01 – 01.0038.00
01.01 – 02.0047.00
02.01 – 03.0056.00
03.01 – 04.0065.00
04.01 – 05.0074.00
05.01 – 06.0084.00
06.01 – 07.0094.00
07.01 – 08.00104.00
08.01 – 09.00114.00
09.01 – 10.00124.00

Improve Your Delivery Experience

Package Tracking Suggestions

  • Keep your specific tracking code secure and readily available for tracking.
  • Use our mobile app on your mobile device for easy tracking.
  • Set up push notifications to receive updates in real-time.

Flexibility in Delivery

Our delivery options serve a wide range of requirements, allowing you to choose what works best for you. Posstore offers normal, fast, and same-day delivery.

Contact Our Customer Service Department

Our specialized support team can assist you with any delivery issues or problems. Contact us for prompt problem resolution and personalized service.

Tracking Deliveries in the Future

Posstore remains at the forefront of delivery tracking innovation as technology evolves. Our dedication to client satisfaction pushes us forward, constantly improving our tracking system to provide an even more frictionless experience.


Posstore Tracking Delivery Rates is the ultimate level of e-commerce convenience and efficiency. We provide our customers with the ultimate delivery experience by providing real-time updates, personalized tracking codes, and a mobile app for on-the-go tracking. Our openness, commitment to client happiness and varied delivery options set us apart from the competition. Posstore, where we reimagine the art of package tracking, ushers in a new era of informed and stress-free shopping.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I track my package with Posstore?

To track your package, use the unique tracking code provided by Posstore on our website or mobile app.

Does Posstore offer international shipping?

Yes, Posstore provides international shipping services to customers worldwide.

Can I modify my delivery option after placing an order?

Depending on your order’s status, you may be able to modify the delivery option. Contact our support team for assistance.

Are real-time updates available for all deliveries?

Yes, Posstore’s real-time updates are available for all deliveries, ensuring full transparency.

How do I get the Posstore mobile app for tracking?

You can download our user-friendly mobile app from your device’s app store.

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