Posstore History And Its Achievements

Posstore History And Its Achievements (All Function Sets) Posstore

In logistics, last-mile delivery services have become increasingly important as online shopping continues to rise in popularity. Companies that provide efficient and reliable last-mile delivery services are quickly gaining recognition for their contributions to the industry. One such company is Posstore, a courier tracking service that has made its mark in the competitive world of logistics. With its commitment to providing quality delivery services, Posstore has become a leading last-mile delivery platform, efficiently delivering goods and documents to customers’ doorsteps.

The focus of this article is to travel into the journey of Posstore, including its past and present achievements, and highlight the factors that have propelled the company to become a leading courier service provider. We will delve into Posstore’s journey, from its establishment to its expansion into different Southeast Asia countries, highlighting its milestones and accomplishments. So, join us as we discover the story of Posstore’s success in the last-mile delivery industry.

Posstore’s Early Success in Malaysia

Posstore, a courier tracking service, has made a remarkable entry into the Malaysian market. Founded in 2010, the company aims to become one of the country’s premier track express services. Posstore has reached a significant milestone by initiating 600 franchisees within three months, setting a record in the courier industry. The company’s early success has continued to soar, with over 900 branches now under its belt. Posstore has also been collaborating with several e-commerce platforms in Southeast Asia, positioning itself as a significant player in the logistics industry.

Besides this, the Company has reached a significant number of essential benchmarks, some of which are described in the following list:

License to operate as a courierIssued by the appropriate governing body
License points achieved in 100 days700
Number of Posstore locationsOver 900
Number of businesses opened in 100 daysMore than 500
The beginning of the Posstore Tracking SystemAnother big achievement.

The table provides a clear and concise summary of its achievements and milestones, such as the number of license points earned in 100 days, the number of Posstore locations, the number of businesses opened in 100 days, and introducing the Posstore Tracking System.

The first Posstore locations are now in Singapore, Thailand, and other Southeast Asia nations. The Company aims to establish itself as Malaysia’s first tracking express service brand. Furthermore, the organization’s mission is to provide high-quality transportation services to buyers and sellers in the shortest period possible.

Achievements and Milestones

Since its inception in Malaysia, Posstore has achieved several significant milestones in the courier industry. One of its earliest achievements was allowing its courier license from the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission, which allowed the company to provide efficient last-mile delivery services to its customers nationwide.

Besides this, Posstore also successfully established its tracking service, allowing customers to track and trace their parcels. It highly sought this feature-after by customers and was a significant factor in the company’s rapid growth and success.

Moreover, Posstore expanded its operations to other Southeast Asia countries in a short period. The company’s primary goal was to become Malaysia’s first tracking express service brand, and its expansion to other countries was a crucial step in achieving this aim. The company collaborated with many regional e-commerce platforms to further enhance its reach and provide efficient delivery services to customers.

Posstore also offers several features that distinguish it from other courier services. The company provides free packing and wrapping for parcels, ensuring that the items are securely packed and protected during transit. Door-to-door delivery is also available across Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand, ensuring the packages are delivered directly to the recipient’s doorsteps. Customers can track their parcels online, providing them with the latest updates on their delivery status.

Posstore’s Commitment to Quality Service

Posstore is dedicated to providing top-quality services to its customers, with customer satisfaction being its top priority. The company values its customers’ feedback and strives to improve its services to meet their needs continuously. It has implemented a customer-centric approach to ensure all customers receive the best possible experience. Posstore’s remarkable features of courier services are the cause of its commitment to its work.

  • Robust Security Measures

To ensure the safe delivery of parcels, Posstore has implemented robust security measures against theft or loss of packages. The company understands that security is paramount and takes all necessary steps to safeguard its customers’ packages. With Posstore, customers can have peace of mind believing their packages are safe.

  • Effortless And Speedy Service

Posstore is committed to providing effortless and speedy services to its customers. Posstore offers its customers complimentary packing and wrapping services, which is a testament to the company’s commitment to providing quality and hassle-free experiences to its clients. This added value has also contributed to the company’s reputation as a reliable and customer-oriented courier service provider.

  •  Free Packaging

In addition, Posstore offers free packing and wrapping services to its customers. This feature has made it easier for customers to prepare their packages for delivery without incurring additional costs. With door-to-door delivery across Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand, customers can conveniently send and receive packets from the ease of their offices or homes.

  • Online Tracking

Posstore also offers online tracking of package details, allowing customers to stay up-to-date on their delivery status and time of arrival. With a tracking/AWB number provided to each customer, they can easily track and trace their package anytime, anywhere. The company’s experienced staff ensures that the latest and up-to-date help is available to customers checking the tracking status of their courier service.

With its array of features, Posstore’s commitment to quality service is clear in its approach to customer satisfaction, security measures, and speedy and effortless services), Posstore has become the go-to courier service provider for many customers in Malaysia and Southeast Asia

Similarly, the Company’s development showed its sincerity to its customers, contributing to its rapid growth and success in gaining the customers’ trust. Furthermore, Posstore Express will deliver the items to the recipient’s exact location, allowing them to receive their package while saving time and effort.

Future Plans and Expansion

Looking ahead, Posstore aims to extend its quality delivery services to the entire South Asian region. Southeast Asia has emerged as a crucial hub of economic growth globally, and Posstore recognizes the immense potential for expanding its services in this region. With its dedication to safety and reliability, Posstore is committed to providing secure and timely delivery services to its customers.

As a last-mile delivery company, Posstore places great importance on the safety and security of its parcels. The company assures its customers that their packages will be delivered to the exact destination and that the recipient can handle the property. Posstore has established a strong reputation for providing safe and reliable delivery services, which has helped it gain the trust of its customers.

Posstore also recognizes the importance of offering its customers hassle-free and convenient delivery services. The company’s experienced staff ensures the delivery process is speedy and efficient. They can deliver promptly to customers and hassle-free.


Since its launch in Malaysia, Posstore has achieved remarkable success, expanding its services to become the country’s first tracking express service brand. The company’s commitment to quality service and customer satisfaction has been clear through its focus on security measures against theft or loss of parcels and providing effortless and speedy customer service. Posstore’s authorization of courier license by the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission, successful establishment of Posstore Tracking, and expansion into other Southeast Asia countries are milestones that showcase the company’s growth and potential.

The importance of Posstore’s contribution to the logistics industry in Southeast Asia cannot be overstated. As a hub for economic growth, Southeast Asia is a promising logistics company market. Posstore’s plans to expand its services to other parts of the region will undoubtedly boost its position in the industry. Furthermore, the company’s assurance of safe and reliable customer delivery services is a testament to its dedication to quality and excellence.

Overall, Posstore has established itself as a significant player in the Malaysian and Southeast Asian logistics industry through its commitment to providing top-notch delivery services and exceptional customer experience. With its plans for future expansion and continued dedication to quality service, Posstore is poised for even more significant victory in the years to come.


How long did it take for Posstore to set up operations in Malaysia?

Posstore set up its operations in Malaysia in a record-setting amount of time for the courier business.

How many franchisees did Posstore have after three months of starting operations?

Posstore started looking for franchisees three months after setting up its operations in Malaysia, and over 700 different sources became members.

What are some of Posstore’s achievements?

Posstore has achieved many essential benchmarks, including earning a license to operate as a courier, achieving 700 license points in 100 days, having over 900 locations, opening over 500 businesses in 100 days, and introducing the Posstore Tracking System.

How can customers access Posstore’s services?

Customers can visit Posstore’s office in person or contact the company through one of the channels. Posstore is committed to providing its customers with prompt, helpful, and simple service.

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