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Posstore Tracking in Malaysia:  Everything You Need to Know

Postal tracking refers to tracking the movement of mail and parcels through the postal system. Mail and parcel tracking is postal tracking. You can check Poss tore Tracking parcel with the help of our website. A postal service, website, or app lets you enter a tracking number to track mail or packages. Tracking information includes the item’s location, delivery status, and expected delivery date. 

Some postal services provide email or text notifications at certain delivery stages. The package tracking or logging process locates shipping containers, mail, and parcels during sorting, warehousing, and delivery to confirm their origin and predict and assist the delivery. If you are using the Posstore services, Posstore Tracking will help you with every detail about your package

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Posstore Tracking Malaysia

Possstore Malaysia is Malaysia’s national postal service. It lets people track their mail and packages, both domestic and international. Moreover, Posstore tracking uses POS systems to monitor and manage inventory. POS systems capture sales, stock, and customer data by recording and processing transactions. Posstore tracking provides real-time inventory data to help organizations make stock management, reordering, and order fulfillment choices.

The tracking services allow customers to track their items by entering the tracking number on the Pos Malaysia website or using the Pos Malaysia mobile app. The tracking information typically includes details such as the item’s current location, delivery status, and expected delivery date. 

Pos Malaysia also offers various other services, such as e-commerce, logistics, courier services, and money transfers. The MCMC issued POSSTORE, a courier service specializing in last-mile distribution, a courier license on December 10, 2020. 

 Simple Steps For Using Posstore Tracking Tool

Posstore tracking number is a unique combination of letters and numbers that you will obtain after booking a shipment with them.

Go to the Posstore Malaysia official website or use third-party websites to monitor your package. They offer an easy-to-use monitoring tool to their customers. To track your package, simply follow the simple instructions below. 

how to use posstore tracking


Track Shipment

Click the “Track Your Shipment” option. 


Input Tracking

Input your tracking number.


View Tracking

View the tracking information. It will show all the information related to your parcel.



Sign up for notifications, and contact their customer service department if you need help.

What Are the Benefits of Using the Posstore Service?

There are several reasons why you should use Posstore courier service for your transportation needs:

Malaysia’s biggest postal service

Posstore is Malaysia’s biggest postal service, and it has a large network that covers the majority of the country, including rural areas.

Affordable shipping

Posstore Malaysia provides competitive rates for domestic and international shipping, making it a cost-effective choice for individuals and businesses

Posstore services: Delivery options

Posstore Malaysia provides a variety of services, including regular and express delivery, as well as specialized services such as registered mail and insurance

Posstore’s accessibility

Convenience: Posstore Malaysia has many post offices and approved agents throughout the nation, making it simple to drop off and pick up packages

Customs clearance

Customs clearance: Posstore Malaysia has expertise with customs clearance procedures for international shipments, which can help to guarantee a smooth delivery process

User-friendly tracking tool

User-friendly monitoring tools: The posstore tracking tool is very simple to use; simply enter the tracking number to check the status of your delivery.

Overall, Posstore Malaysia courier service can be a dependable and convenient option for shipping within Malaysia or abroad at a low cost.

 Domestic Postal Tracking

Regarding domestic posstore tracking, Pos Malaysia makes it easy for customers to track their mail and parcels. Customers can enter the tracking number on the Tracking tool to view the current location of their item, as well as its delivery status and expected delivery date. Additionally, Pos Malaysia offers a range of additional services for domestic tracking, such as the ability to request redelivery and the option to purchase insurance for valuable items.

International Postal Tracking

Posstore Malaysia also provides international postal tracking services for customers sending mail and parcels abroad. The process of tracking international items is similar to that of tracking domestic items, with customers being able to enter the tracking number on the Posstore Malaysia website to view the current location, delivery status, and expected delivery date. Posstore Malaysia also offers additional services for international trackings, such as the option to purchase insurance for valuable items and the ability to track things door-to-door.

Pos Laju Mobile App

Pos Malaysia offers the Pos Laju mobile app on iOS and Android for even more convenience. The app allows customers to track their items, view the delivery status and the expected delivery date, and receive push notifications for delivery updates. It also offers other features, such as tracking multiple items simultaneously and accessing Pos Malaysia’s other services. Users who prefer to track their items on the go will love the app because it is so easy to use..

Posstore Tracking details in Malaysia

Customers can track their items by entering the tracking number on the Posstore tracking website or using the Pos Malaysia mobile app. Usually, the tracking information will tell you where the item is, its delivery status, and when you can expect it to arrive. 

Last mile” is a term used in logistics and traffic engineering to describe the last part of a journey, such as getting people or goods from a central transportation hub to their final destination. Posstore Fast, which advertises itself as a specialist in this field, promises timely and secure delivery of your packages. You can also arrange for delivery by visiting a nearby Posstore branch.

Posstore Department In Malaysia

Pos Malaysia, the national postal service of Malaysia, has a dedicated tracking department responsible for providing tracking services for mail and parcels. The department tracks items through the postal system using various technologies and systems and shares this information with customers via the Pos Malaysia website and mobile app. Thanks to the tracking department’s real-time updates, customers can always track their packages. 

To simplify postal management, the department offers e-commerce, logistics, courier services, and money transfers. The e-commerce and express sectors dominate the modern market, thanks to the proliferation of the internet and the meteoric rise of online shopping. With e-commerce and the express business booming over the next decade, now is a great time to get involved.

Use the POS Malaysia website.

The “Track & Trace” tool on the POS Malaysia website can locate your parcel. Enter your tracking number and click “Trace.” Your package’s location and arrival date will be provided. Customers appreciate how helpful the tracker is and how they can always check its position. It will also provide cutting-edge delivery tracking help. Each client gets an AWB or tracking ID. Online tracking lets them know when to expect the parcel.

Call POS Malaysia Customer Service Center

Another option is to call the POS Malaysia customer service center at (300) 300-300 and provide the agent with your tracking number. They will give you information about the package (delivery, status, etc.).

Use the Mobile App

You can also find your package using the POS Malaysia mobile app, which works on iOS and Android devices. You can check on the status of your parcel by downloading the app, signing in, and entering the tracking number. Tracking numbers usually has two letters, then nine digits, and then two letters again, but there are other ways to do it. Sometimes, the only part of a tracking number that is used is the number. Different carriers can use a wide range of different combinations of letters and numbers as tracking IDs.

Third-party tracking websites

You can also track your package using third-party tracking sites like 17 track, After ship, and Parcel Monitor. These sites give you detailed information about where your package is and what its delivery status is.

“It’s important to note that parcels can only be located or tracked using the tracking number, not the order number.” They are two separate and distinct numbers. However, there is an exception for the ASOS store, where tracking can be done using the order number on our service.

Track the package for an extended period

Don’t worry if your parcel isn’t tracked long. Sorting, weighing, customs paperwork, and shipping takes time. Before complaining, wait 7 days. It usually means the seller reserved the tracking number but has not sent the package.

POS Malaysia sends packages on time, but weather, holidays, and other events may delay them. You can change your plans by tracking your package. licenses

Posstore Malaysia opened and trained 600 couriers in three months, a record. 700+ sites. Posstore licenses area monitoring.

It seeks Southeast Asian e-commerce partners. Singapore, Thailand, and other Southeast Asian countries launched Posstore. The company wants to lead Malaysia’s tracked express service. The company transports customers and merchants quickly and well.

The company’s growth showed its dedication to clients, its speed, and its respect.

Posstore Express delivers quickly and conveniently.


What else do Malaysian Posstore tracking systems offer?

POs Malaysia offers mail tracking, e-commerce, logistics, courier services, and money exchanges. Online companies use Pos Malaysia’s logistics service for pick-up, delivery, and storage. Pos Malaysia offers domestic and international courier services and a variety of delivery options. Pos Malaysia offers low fees and competitive exchange rates to over 200 countries.

How do I contact Posstore Malaysia?

Posstore parcel issue? Email at [email protected] for licensing queries. Customers need services that let them track their shipments and get updates to be sure their shipping firm is reliable. Posstore tracking is easy. Entering your air waybill (AWB) on Posstore Express’s website lets you trace your package.

How many Malaysian Posstores are there?

POSSTORE will have over 700 stores by 2024.

What is a tracking number?

Each package has a tracking ID or code. It tracks its location within a nation or if it’s being shipped abroad. Some of these numbers are only traceable in their nation of origin, while others are worldwide.

Tracking numbers vary by shipping mode. The Universal Postal Union (UPU) uses tracking numbers like RA123456789CN, where the first two digits indicate the type of package and the last two indicate its origin. Track numbers until arrival.

Posstore tracking numbers have 13 letters and digits. The sender’s mailing label or receipt usually contains the “E” or “P” tracking number. POS Malaysia tracing numbers are “E123456789MY” or “PX123456789MY.”

If you’re unsure about your tracking number’s format, contact the POS Malaysia customer support center.

Is there a way to view the tracking number?

Online shoppers naturally want to track their packages. POS Malaysia (Posstore) makes tracking packages easy. Knowing your package’s state can help you plan and relax. Tracking your cargo requires the tracking number. This number is engraved on the mailing label or the sender’s receipt. You can view your Possotr tracking number at any time.


Tracking a package with POS Malaysia is a basic and straightforward process that can be accomplished using a variety of methods. Whether you prefer to monitor your package online, by phone, or via a mobile app, you can always stay up to date on the status of your shipment. Finally, Pos Malaysia’s postal tracking services allow customers to easily follow their mail and parcels, whether they are sending items locally or abroad. 

Customers can monitor their packages on the go and receive push alerts when there are changes in the delivery with the Pos Laju mobile app. Pos Malaysia also provides e-commerce, logistics, courier services, and money transfers, making it a one-stop store for all of your postal requirements. 

If you have any further questions or need assistance with the tracking process, please call Pos Malaysia customer service. Overall, Posstore Malaysia’s tracking services are dependable and efficient, making it simple to track essential mail and parcels.

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